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  • Are you afraid your family would starve if they had to actually live off your food storage?
  • Would you like to save money, eat healthier, cook faster, and never run out of anything?
  • Do you want to stop feeling guilty and start being prepared for the future?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you need my FREE 10 day challenge!  Each day I’ll email you my secrets for learning how to use food storage in easy to bite off portions.  You’ll learn more about my philosophy of using food storage every day, short and long term food storage, and how to cook with the basics- powdered milk, powdered eggs, whole wheat, beans, and dehydrated fruits and vegetables.  There will be awesome recipes, great tips, and best of all, I’ll get you using your food storage in your own recipes in 10 days or less!

Simply enter your email address below.  You’ll receive a verification email from me right away.  When you get it, make sure and click on the link to verify so you can start receiving the emails!

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  • Guest

    Not working!!!

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    I signed up and received only 2 days. The link for the second day doesn’t work. Would like to read the rest of the info. 

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    I can’t sign up because it’s saying your email list isn’t working. How can I sign up for your free classes?

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    Sorry – I am not able to sign in – the site is not working –  I sure am interested though. Hope we can get in soon!

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    I was told I would get “an e-mail a day for ten days……still waiting, I confirmed and everything – hope all is well with you – you have a wonderful site – thanks for all the great info – I’m actually getting excited about food storage, and this is the first time…

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    I signed up as well and have not gotten my emails either

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    I signed up and got a link for day 10 but not days 1 to 9. Disappointed.

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    I have signed up, where do we go?????

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    I am trying to sign up for the class but the website is not working right…… how do I get you my email address???

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