Square Foot Gardening 101: The Basics

It’s finally here!  The week long class dedicated to Square Foot Gardening!  Because I am no expert on gardening, I’ve enlisted the help of Belinda Jensen the Square Foot Gardening pro from Home Gardens To Go to teach us all how to have successful, virtually weed-free gardens this year!  I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I have actually had SEVERAL failed attempts at gardening….which is why I’ve never really blogged about it before.  But, I figure, there have got to be others like me (right?!), who know gardening and growing food is important but who each year fail in their attempts and feel like it was a huge waste of time or those who are simply looking for new tips and tricks.  Hence, why I decided to dedicate all of this month to gardening and specifically this week long class with Belinda…because this is MY year and YOUR year to have a thriving hassle-free garden!


I sought out Belinda because I needed A LOT of help and she is definitely the whole package.  Not only does she square foot garden in her own yard and teach others about square foot gardening she also offers everything you could need for a successful square foot garden on her website….and the best part is….you don’t have to live in Utah to take advantage of it!


Here is the first video of the series (remember there will be a new video every day).  This will explain what Square Foot Gardening is, the benefits, and if it is right for you!

Tomorrow’s video will be about how to plan your garden area.


Need more help with your garden?  (Like me!) Belinda would love to help! Check out all she has to offer to help you set up your garden correctly.  I personally had her come set up all of my boxes since I a) wanted to make sure it was done correctly and b) my husband works a lot of nights and Saturdays and didn’t have the time to dedicate to building and setting up boxes.

She is also offering all of you a FREE copy of Mel’s book The All NEW Square Foot Gardening with a garden package purchase-use the code “Q44I63MPGWH9Q” at check out.

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  • Jennifer Smith

    I am also very unsuccessful at growing vegetables, but I keep trying.  Thanks so much for doing this gardening series.  This will finally be my year to have a prolific garden.

  • Kdonat

    I get the response “this video is private” when trying to watch.

  • Aebag4

    I, too, was only able to get “this video private”. :(  Would love to see it.  Can it be fixed?

  • Lynn

    Ugh!  The video says it’s private.  I am from Canada.  Is that the reason it won’t show for me?

  • Wkid

    My browser also shows that the video is “private.”  Do I need to register for a class or something like that?

  • eatfoodstorage

    Sorry, I had to update the video! It is working now-thanks for your patience!

  • Brindy Adams

    Thank you SO much for doing this week long course, I’m very excited to start my very first garden. I’m nervous, but i know all your videos and information will help me in being successful! Yay! :)

  • RAnnieCooper

    Great first video!  We’ve put in raised beds, made our soil mix according to the recipe in Mel’s book, and have had two years of so-so results.  I’m hoping third year’s the charm, and the videos should be a great help in tweakin our home garden to get maximum results.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IXROTQ2QEOUPF7RMBKOWPFTM2I Shawnzee or KnitWitch

    Occasionally, I am reminded how computer-unsavvy I am…did I miss something?  Isn’t there supposed to be another video?  Day 2 or some such?

  • http://rethinksurvival.com/ Millenniumfly

    That’s some very good advice. I like the idea of keeping it small to get beginners excited and involved. Thanks.

  • Square Foot Gardening

    Go Belinda!  I’m excited to see how this turns out :)

    Kevin from the Square Foot Gardening Foundation

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