spring into sun oven savings

Celebrate the first day of Spring with this AMAZING deal.  Honestly, this is the best time to get a Sun Oven!  It’s just before the Summer (a great time to experiment with it) and it comes with ALL of the accessories you need to use your Global Sun Oven to it’s fullest.  I bought this a couple of years ago and LOVE it!  I even give it as gifts because it is such a wonderful addition to your emergency preparedness collection since it doesn’t require fuel and can save you so much money-TODAY!  It doesn’t even need to be a nice warm day…SUN is all you need!


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  • Ktrounce

    Are you A distributer for sun ovens? What brand of oven? And, when I went to check out, I was taken to ejunkie, which didn’t sound very reputable. Please reassure me!

  • eatfoodstorage

    Yes yes and yes. Ejunkie uses PayPal and is a way that I can offer items online with a discount code which PayPal will not allow. The sun oven brand is global sun oven. Thanks!

  • Beckyagne

    I went thru your site and it took me to pay pal and excepted the code, I just went on as a quest of Pay Pal and used my credit card, I am so stoked, it is an early Mother’s Day gift, I watched all you viedo’s and had been thinking of getting one for a year.

  • custom written essay

    This thing has a good price and it’ll attract a new custmers for company which produce it. 

  • VCColeman

    I’m so excited, I just ordered mine!! I really appreciate all the tips on how to use it and I can’t wait to start.

  • Amanda

    Quick question. I am getting to order my sun oven on Friday (late mothers day present!) but was wondering one thing. The large pot usually comes with the sun oven, correct? So does it come with the sun oven, or will it be separate and just the accessories shown will be with it?

  • eatfoodstorage

    It is the accessory package which I’m pretty sure has the pot. They are all shipped together. They just put the accessories in the sun oven when they ship it. You’ll love it!

  • Amanda

    Can’t wait… I have wanted one for a year! :) I had to promise to cook in it once a month between now and the end of the summer season.  I am pretty sure thats not a problem!

  • eatfoodstorage

    lol…join the boat! I’ve got to use mine more this summer. Next on the list Sloppy Joes!

  • VCColeman

    I got my sun oven last week and tried it this weekend… I am totally hooked!! I made banana bread and roasted a whole chicken w/herbs on the outside and stuffed with two lemons on the inside. 

    The chicken was very moist and so yummy! My husband was very skeptical and honestly didn’t think the chicken would be any better. He could not believe how good it was. The great thing about the oven is that it is forgiving, so if you can’t get back to it immediately your food won’t burn. 

    I put the banana bread in the oven at 4pm. My husband and I needed to visit my son in town, so I knew we would be gone for 2.5 hours. I focused the sun oven in the direct sun and left. When I returned around 6:20 the sun had gone behind my house and the bread was done perfectly!! It was a beautiful golden brown and oh so moist! I am bringing some bread to the office tomorrow for others to try.

    I have a crazy schedule and because it is so forgiving it will work well for me! I’m having friends over the next two weekends and I can’t wait to cook something in it for them!!

  • eatfoodstorage


  • Amanda

    Came home to a SunOven box on my porch today! Was a great day, because I also got the Squeezo I won on eBay for $40, and I have a bushel of plums to process this weekend. :)

  • eatfoodstorage


  • Rsfoxfamily

    I bought a sun oven over a year ago and was wondering if I could just purchase the accesories and not another oven?  Please let me know how I could go about doing so if available.

  • Joyce Huff

    I bought a sun oven about a year ago, before they had the dehydrating and baking set.  It is just a little upsetting, knowing that this is just life; but why don’t they have a really good special on these for those of us who were not so lucky to wait to get a sun oven until now?  

  • eatfoodstorage

    I hear you! Even I didn’t buy mine with all the gadgets