Ask Belinda: Herbs

Herbs in your Garden

You guys are coming up with awesome questions! I actually was mildly afraid to plant some herbs in my square foot garden before doing this video…and then I promptly went and bought some herb seeds! Catch some of Belinda’s favorite herbs to grow and some new ways to use them! If you have a question for Belinda, send it to everydayfoodstorage (at) gmail (dot) com




Need more help with your garden? (Like me!) Belinda would love to help! Check out all she has to offer to help you set up your garden correctly. I personally had her come set up all of my boxes since I a) wanted to make sure it was done correctly and b) my husband works a lot of nights and Saturdays and didn’t have the time to dedicate to building and setting up boxes.

She is also offering all of you a FREE copy of Mel’s book The All NEW Square Foot Gardening with a garden package purchase-use the code “Q44I63MPGWH9Q” at check out.


No problem! Click one of the links below to see what you’ve missed!

Day One: Basics of Square Foot Gardening
Day Two: Secrets for Planning a Successful Garden
Day Three: The Boxes! Learn how to make them, buy them, and some secret benefits!
Day Four: Mixing Your Soil: Mel’s Mix!
Day Five: Composting-learn everything you need to know about efficient and effective composting
Day Six: Watering
Day Seven: Seeds with bonus videos on how to start your seeds indoors!
Day Eight: Planting
Day Nine: How to keep critters out of your garden!
Day Ten: How to grow peas on a vertical trellis
Day Eleven: How to harvest spinach and lettuce without the grit!
Day Twelve: How to strengthen your plants to the elements
Day Thirteen: How to know if it is a seedling or a weed?
Day Fourteen: Make gardening fun for kids!
Day Fifteen: What Belinda was able to do in my own weed infested yard!
Day Sixteen: How to organize your seeds and what you have planted
Day Seventeen: Learn how to plant, harvest, and then plant again in the same square!

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