Food Storage Back to Basics: Three Month Supply

in this videoLearn how what and where your three month supply should be. It may surprise you!


Click HERE to download my pantry list! If you have everything on this list you could make almost ANY recipe that came your way.

next up Learn what it is actually like to use a canner to can your long term food storage (like what you would use at an LDS cannery)

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  • mrspear

    Thank you. After a period of time of one thing after another, particularly this past year, we have decided to have a well stocked pantry. I always stocked up when children were due or when things were coming up, but want to move to being continually stocked up. While we are not sure what this means for us (we are not LDS), I am starting with a month of meals and then moving to 3 months while I stock up on household items and kitchen items when I see a good deal.

    All this to say that your site is a great help.

  • eatfoodstorage

    Sounds great!

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  • Lailah

    What does religion have to do with food storage? I get that the LDS church promotes it, but what does being LDS or not have to do with preparedness? Genuinely curious, not trying to be snarky. I’m not LDS myself but use their guidelines b/c they have the best.