Food Storage Back to Basics: Long Term Food Storage Canning

in this videoLearn how easy it is to use a canner (similar to what you would use at an LDS Cannery) to can your long term food storage items.

next up Learn the basics on wheat-the difference between white and red wheat, which is better in cooking, and MORE!

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  • quest

    You could very easily and accurately named this “Back to Basics” series… SUMMER RERUNS!!!

  • Qtstacia

    The video post isn't coming up, is anyone else having this problem?

  • Heidi

    Where are you buying that big bag of Dry Milk? I can't find anything like that in our area including powdered eggs.

  • eatfoodstorage

    the powdered milk, I buy at the LDS cannery. Powdered eggs can be purchased
    online just do a google search.