Food Storage Back to Basics: How to Grind Wheat

in this videoI get asked a lot of questions about which wheat grinder I use and why…and the answer may surprise you! See why I’m no longer banished to the garage to grind wheat and why I’m now in LOVE with this wheat grinder.

Wheat Grinder: Part ONE

Wheat Grinder: Part TWO

next up Learn how to quickly cook wheat berries in a pressure cooker. They taste great in mock pasta salads, as cereal, and a fun snack!

wheat grinder

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  • Dani

    You are my hero. Thank you so much for sharing about your K-Tec. My husband and I have been wanting one for a long while and it is great to see one in action. Thanks so much for posting this today.

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  • minimemama

    Thank you so much for all your insights, it’s helping me finally brave unknown territory! I wanted to ask if you’ve had any problems with your blendtec wheat grinder. Reviews on Amazon seem to complain a lot about the plastic clips on the side breaking. Did this happen to you?

  • eatfoodstorage

    No this hasn’t happened to me. Good luck!

  • adriane

    I just own a very cheap hand cranked grinder, so I grind my whole wheat berries into what amounts to a rather coarse flour. Regular loaf bread has eluded me. I have had much success making pita flatbreads. I like them, the kids like them. They are very versatile. I would suggest them to anyone seeking to vary their use of stored wheat.