Yes, even food storage has a Black Friday and Cyber Monday and thanks to Shelf Reliance this is a HUGE DEAL!  If you’ve been hinting, coveting, drooling over anything at Shelf Reliance, now is the time to see if it is on sale-because it will be the lowest price it’s been all year! Hurry, and take advantage of this huge sale!  It BEGINS BLACK FRIDAY AND GOES THROUGH CYBER MONDAY!

You’ll save up to 50% on ALL THRIVE products, plus select emergency and FRS items during the Thrive Life Black Friday sale, from 12:01am MST November 29th to 11:59pm MST December 2nd. Plus, during this sale only, you’ll get party pricing when you shop on my website!

Take a look at just a few of the products that will be on sale below, and go to my website.

Here is my re-cap of the best deals this Black Friday 2014

Freeze Dried Colby Cheese-Retail: $53.99 on sale for only $$37.79
Freeze Dried Mozzarella Cheese-Retail: $45.99 on sale for only $32.99
Harvest 72″-Retail: $459.99 on sale for only $249.99
Harvest 72″ #10-Retail: $459.99 on sale for $249.99
Harvest 78″-Retail: $459.99 on sale for $259.99
Bucket Shelf-Retail: $159.99 on sale for $79.99
Cansolidator Cupboard-Retail: $34.99 on sale for $16.99
Cansolidator Pantry-Retail: $44.99 on sale for $19.99
Cansolidator Pantry Plus-Retail: $62.99 on sale for $34.99
Harvest Under Bed-Retail: $99.99 on sale for $69.99

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  • JoAnn (Jodie) Morris

    Hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Used some of your recipes of goodies to share!!! Is the Solar Oven going to be on sale anytime before Christmas. I want to buy one for my son. Thank you, as always, for your good help.

    JoAnn (Jodie) Morris

  • Mariesa

    I know! I ordered two cansolidators yesterday for my Christmas present to me.  Haha! I can’t wait to get them stocked up.  I love you website  – thanks!