Food Storage Organization and Shelves

Key Points:

  • Cooking in a well organized kitchen will make your life MUCH easier!
    • Move long term food storage items into your pantry (you may need to move them into smaller bins), it will act as a constant reminder to use those items.
    • Group commonly used items together to make clean up and actual cooking faster and less messy.
    • Place dishes, pots, pans, etc. near where you use them. (i.e. place dishes and utensils near the dishwasher for easy emptying, place pots and pans near the oven, etc.)



Helpful Tools for Organizing your Kitchen:

  • Getting Dinner on the Table Video The first step to cooking with food storage is making the TIME to get dinner on the table.  In this fun video I go over my personal steps for getting dinner on the table.
  • Kitchen Organization Video Cooking in an unorganized kitchen can be a PAIN!  Check out this video for my tips on how to organize your kitchen so that cooking can once again be a JOY!
  • Food Storage Room Video Watch a simple video to see how I have set up my small food storage room to store A LOT of food!
  • Kids in the Kitchen Handout-Getting kids in the kitchen is a great way to have a little extra help in the kitchen.  Download this handouts for tips and “the why” behind having kids in the kitchen.

More Helpful tools for Shelves

  • Penny Ragland

    Just in case you didn’t know, You are absolutely ADORABLE!
    This coming from a Grandmother of five.
    You are doing such a great service to so many, showing them how to make all your yummy recipies. I’m trying a few myself.
    Looking forward to your Book.
    Wishing you well,

  • Elizabeth Golly

    This foodstorage network has never made me want to live in or near Utah so i can go to your calsses thank you so much for this website!!!!

  • James Reynolds

    his is a good idea(storing food & food stuff throughout the house…however, I believe some people go a wee bit overboard with it.

    I’m all for healthy living & saving money, but seriously, how hard can it be for 1 or 2 people to dig a fruit cellar for storing things long term?
    I have seen the internet sites where this person spent $12K or more to put a $3000 – $4000 storage container in the ground & covered it with cement…or tarps…or some other material so it would not rust. I mean, that’s fine for those that have more $$$$ than common sense, but for the average Joe/Josephine, that is too far out of reach.

    What I’m talking about is something that is about 10 feet by 10 feet with a 6 1/2 foot ceiling…maybe a wee bit bigger or a wee bit smaller depending on the family size. I realize that something like this can not be dug in a day & maybe not even in a weekend, but if you really want/need that extra storage for food or whatever, how hard can it be for 2 people?

    Maybe I just do not understand the concept of long term food storage…

    I enjoy web sites like this one because of the food recipes, & the cleaner/soap recipes….
    and from what I have read, it is the common man/woman that will be the ones to outlast the rich and outlast those that claim to be ready.

    I DO hope that I did not sound too snooty or self centered…this way of life is all new to me & I know I have lots to learn yet.

    It is my wish for you and your family to always have peace, harmony, & balance in your lives.

    I wish the readers of this web site the same as well.

  • Mayne Vaughn

    I really enjoy your site. I know that LDS guidelines have changed to 3 months, but to me that doesn’t seem to be nearly long enough. After going through a disaster that left me completely dependent on my food storage for one whole year, I’m so glad that I had the food stored that I did. Sites like yours make it easy to understand and very practical. Thank you.