Long Term Food Storage

It’s not just for that “real” emergency-it’s for TODAY!

I know a lot of people wait to use long term food storage for a “real” emergency like when the power goes out but let me tell you there are A LOT of other “real” emergencies that will hit your family…more than just when the power goes out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t prepare for those times when the power is out. But if you think about it, right now there is a higher chance of a job loss, inflation, food shortages, etc. than there are of a tornado landing on your house….not to mention the all too common emergency of a child putting the empty milk carton back in the fridge leading you to believe you still have milk. 😉

Any “real” emergency is not being able to feed your family for WHAT EVER reason (it’s 5:30 and you need to have dinner on the table in 15 minutes, loss of job, increasing food prices, and yes, that natural disaster that will put your power out) and learning to use your food storage today and every day will help you prepare for those disasters so you can effortlessly transition to using your food storage with out putting your family on alert that there is something wrong. Think about it, you’ve seen how easy it is to use long term food storage, they are all basic ingredients that are in a myriad of different recipes…recipes that you’re cooking every day, including whole wheat recipes! In the summer when you go camping or are grilling meat in the backyard you’re practicing for when the power goes out. When you’re making cookies you can use beans, wheat, powdered eggs, powder milk, dry milk, sugar, oats, etc.

There is no good excuse for waiting to learn how to use your food storage every day (especially with countless benefits like: it will save you money, keep you healthier, bring your family in the kitchen more…which is where the most important conversations happen, etc.), AND when an emergency happens, you’ll be using it EVERY DAY…so why not start TODAY!

Start Today

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  • dj

    I can’t wait for the booooook! My husband wants to see the plan so we can start planning and buying. How many more days?????

  • Jean

    Waiting also!