Three Month Supply – Short Term Food Storage

Think of it as the savings account you can eat!

Key Points:

  • Make a list of foods you eat on a regular basis, and determine how much you would go through in three months.
  • Gradually purchase these foods in bulk as they go on sale (see below for more details).
  • Use and rotate these foods in all your daily cooking.
  • Constantly replenish the stocks of these foods as they go on sale again.
  • Don’t forget to include non-food items in this step as well. Get a 3 month supply of NECESSITIES such as diapers, medications, toilet paper, toiletries, etc. Remember, only the essentials for now.
  • Benefits include: saving money by buying foods on sale and having foods you normally eat in times of economic or any other type of hardship.

Helpful Tools:

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  • John

    love your site,but you forgot one thing(i think).If you have animals(dogs,cat etc),they need food to! I try to keep enough food for them as for us.It`s a little easier with our dogs and cats.We kepp a supply of dry food,and keep them in big plastic buckets/barrels,and mix with liquid as needed.

  • brumbegirl

    I often wonder where are the recipes that go with the pantry list……?  and if there is no electricity, how are we going to bake?

  • Stephanie

    To date, I have never needed to use my food storage due to power outage, but I have needed to use it during 4-6 month long stints of unemployment. For power outages, though, you may want to buy a camp stove and store extra propane.

  • Dallas Gombash

    why do you have the same video x2 on the same page?