Food Storage Recipes

Too scared to try food storage in one of your own recipes? No worries, I’ve got you covered with my delicious, tried and true recipes for your food storage that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters! (Don’t worry, I’ve tested them all on my husband and children…and even some unsuspecting neighbors….-all are approved!) Not only are these food storage recipes delicious, but they are also easy, come with great instructions and some times even how-to videos so you can see exactly how it should be done. Find whole wheat recipes, powdered milk recipes, and more! Food storage couldn’t be any easier than this!

  • Lisa Hardy

    I really am enjoying your website. Thanks for putting it together. I am the ward cannery specialist and I have some great ideas to get people interested in their food storage thanks to your website! My family is also enjoying the new recipes and new ideas. I can’t wait to try the pizza pockets tonight for dinner. I do have a question. Someone asked me about making shortening out of white beans. Have you ever heard of that??? I would be interested if you have that information. Thanks, Lisa.

  • Crystal


    I have heard this and I’ve made it work! You can actually use all types of beans for a replacement of shortening in baked goods. Check back in January when I’ll get into this more. It’s a great way to cut out fat and increase fiber for our New Year’s resolutions!


  • Susan Young


    Your website is AWESOME! When you have your own show on HGTV I’m going to love bragging about my talented niece!!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Wendy Ashton

    Hi…I’ve been watching your website for a while now and have REALLY enjoyed the new recipes we have been trying. You really are talented! I loved the Black Bean Soup, Broccoli cheesy potato soup, Clay dough, Spaghetti Sauce, and pancake mix.

    All I can say is my recipe folder is BULGING and I am wondering when you are going to publish a book!!! ( I know it wouldn’t been quite the same…because your videos are WONDERFUL…not to mention the handouts….)

    FYI: I hope that IF you ever published, you would still do this website!!

  • Elissa D

    I was wondering if you ever use TVP in your recipes. I have some Chicken TVP that I don’t really know how to use. Any help would be nice. Love the site thanks for doing it.

  • Elisabeth from Dothan

    Hello, I was wondering where you get your powdered eggs. If there was anywhere a bit closer to us than The Atlanta Cannery?
    Love your website & simple videos!

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  • Jimmy Smith

    Sometimes it is just great to stop and tell the blog owner that we like their blog.

  • the grocery geek

    I do a grocery savings newsletter and also try to help people here in Houston to increase food storage and use the food storage items. Being in Hurricane Country it is really important. I LOVE the blog and all of your tips. I am curious about making beans into shortening. Could you direct me to the recipe? I would love to feature it. Thanks!

  • gen

    The EZ Wheat Breat recipe was great; it turned out just as soft as you had said it would. Thanks!

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  • Cara Brook

    I am loving your site and the great information you have on here! You have created a great resource for a lot of people…..thanks : )

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  • Batty and Bones

    Hi!  Love your site, and I hope you don’t mind that I added a link to it on our page.  I am a firm beleiver in going to the experts for needed information, and from all the research I have done….Girl, you are it!
    My question for you is this:
    If you were to create a shopping list for yourself to supply a well-rounded food storage for a family of 3 or 4, what would be on it?  What ALL would you consider necessity, as well as ‘nice to have on hand?  Next, can you reccomend an honest place or two online to make that purchase?
    We would be very grateful for your input.  My partner and I are starting a 2 yr project to not only become debt-free, but to build our own cabin in the woods, and pare things back to embrace a more simple life.  I consider a good food supply imperative, and would love to hear your ideas.

  • eatfoodstorage

    Thanks for the email! I would download my pantry list (located on my downloads page). Those are all my must haves. Also, I have food storage from Shelf Reliance , Honeyville Grains, and Auguson Farms.

  • Rona58

    I can’t get the recipes to come up.  I click on the category and only get the picture.  :(

  • Willo_young

    No recipes come up for any of the categories.

  • rachel

    There is no hyperlink linked to the images once you click into them. Too bad. I was super excited to check out all the recipes!

  • Lisa

    No recipes are coming up at all!

  • Elizabeth Davis

    Where are the recipes located? When I click on the photo I only get another picture of the item.There aren’t any recipes anywhere that I can access.

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